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Welcome to Mikuyuni Valley Academy

A Message from the Principal
Dear Parents of Prospective MVA Students:
Your family’s consideration of enrolment at Mikuyuni Valley Academy is well-grounded. This school is one of the very best places for kids journeying through childhood. The staff members are not only skilled in their specific academic areas but they also each have a deep personal faith in God and concern for kids.

Our school is a safe, wholesome place. We do maintain high standards of conduct and attitude including appropriate clothing, personal grooming or hygiene and respect for one another. MVA also strives to maintain a participatory learning environment within the classrooms.

The extracurricular opportunities at MVA are special. Our athletic teams strive for excellence in the context of honouring God; our music or drama or fine arts programs speak to the heartfelt passion of a large percentage of the students.

Please check out MVA for yourself by dropping by and I know you will be impressed. You just might sense God’s calling to become part of this family.
Yours Sincerely,

Simon J.K. Mue
Mikuyuni Valley Academy (MVA)

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